John Legend – «All of Me» – Tyler Ward & Kristine Wild (Acoustic cover) – Music Video

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Everyone, meet Kristine Wild!

A little background story on Kristine:

As some of you know, I’ve moved back to Colorado. Whenever I want a female vocalist, I always called on my neighbor, Alex G. Well, Alex now spends most of her time in LA and is VERY busy doing her own music (GO ALEX!) SO…what’s a guy to do?!?
The other day I decided to give my other neighbor, 17-year-old Kristine Wild, a shot as singing back ground vocals for this song. Well…she did AWESOME and shocked me with her talent that I wanted her to do a duet! What a neat surprise!

Here’s the crazy part…Alex came home the day after we recorded this and SHOT the video for us! haha. What a great musical family we have in Colorado!

I’m looking forward to working with Kristine in the future! It feels good to be back home!

Thumbs up for Colorado neighbors!

When this video gets to 10,000 likes, I’ll start working with Kristine on a new song!

twitter: @heykristinewild

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Instagram: @TylerWardMusic

Video edited by Tyler Ward (
RECORDED @ Tyler Ward Studios in Denver (

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