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I asked you, the people of the internet, what you think my next vlog should be…and this was suggested OVER and OVER…it’s something I’m a little uncomfortable talking about… «MY FIRST TIME» tag. I was actually really nervous to do this. Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone.
Links to all the videos I talked about:

Tyler Swift:
Red w/ old GF:
Some Kind Of Beautiful w/ Lindsey Stirling:
Most recent music video:
I’ve had several people ask me the following question:
So what’s the point of these vlogs, Tyler? You’re a musician.

Great question people of the internet.

Honestly. It seems like fun way for us to stay connected to you and a fun way to experiment with new video ideas. I want you to feel connected and tapped in to my world!

However, in order for me to do this right, I NEED to know what YOU would like to see from me. I would LOVE your suggestions on what to do next…feel free to suggest in the comments below, my facebook page or tweet @tylerwardmusic with the hashtag #tylerwardvlogs

see you on tour soon!

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