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Guys – let’s make history together.  We are living in a day where artists don’t need record labels to make amazing content. All we need is love from the fans. That is why I’ve set up the Tyler Ward Music Patreon page. YOU, the fan, are everything to me and will continue to be the only reason I’m able to make music for a living! Gosh dang. I love you. 

A QUICK EXPLANATION ABOUT SONY GERMANY: As much as I love the folks at Sony, they have yet to provide any funds for a music video except «Falling. I’ve asked several times and they’ve politely said, «No» each time. Every video you’ve seen has been «out of pocket» . Yeah. Labels. You guys are WAY more helpful than any record label. #GOTEAM!

A Quick Patreon Explanation:
I’m so excited to be a part of this platform. I love this concept and believe that Patreon is the future of the entertainment industry for independent artists.  Patreon supports artists like myself and gives us a way to connect on a VERY important/personal level. It’s taking away our fear of, «how much am I going to make this month?» and allowing musicians like myself to take more chances with our art!  If you’re considering giving me a dollar (or however you much you like) per music video that I upload to youtube, I promise to bring you nothing but the absolute best production and effort that I can. If you choose to give, you are now a part of my music family!

Everyone who pledges will be rewarded with exclusive access to different levels of the Tyler Ward Music Family. Please keep reading to see all the REWARDS for your donations!

Feel free to pledge as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Please don’t give if you’re low on money, I know what that feels like and I don’t want you to feel like you HAVE to give. I will continue to bring quality content regardless of how much I see per video, the amount will just determine the quality and tools I can access. Please understand that ALL of your donations will be going towards creating the best content possible and/or finding and transporting undiscovered talent from around the world to our studio! I will be 100% transparent and will give you full update as to how your money is being spent.

Where your money goes:

1. Your generous pledges will help fund the cost my music videos (covers & originals)! I try to post 2-3 videos a month. I’ve been trying to up my video quality this year, and HOLY COW it’s expensive. Your support will make this much easier! I will be able to hire outside video directors and audio engineers to help keep my content consistent and SUPER fresh! 

2.  We’re going to build the first fan funded label in music history. I’d like to start producing up and coming talent, fly them to LA/Colorado/Nashville, help them connect with their audience, and introduce my fans to the best new and undiscovered musicians on the scene.  Let’s  give people a platform for their talent. Be a part of the discovery with me. With your support, we can build the Tyler Ward Music Family and make it a recording destination for artists like me around the world. I’m envisioning collaborations with pop stars, YouTubers, rock bands, singer/songwriters – all filmed and posted on my channel for you to enjoy! Your money will be going towards flights/hotels/video directors/audio engineers and marketing folks to make sure the talent is taken care of! 

Some awesome rewards:
$1/video – Exclusive access to my Patreon feed. I will be spending a lot of time on this site updating and communicating with you. This will be the home to my new Tyler Ward Music Family fan club. I want this to be a place where we communicate, grow and learn about each other. 

Live Webcasts:
$5/video – Live Google hangout for patrons only.  Once a month I’ll do a LIVE and exclusive webcast by myself or with a featured artist to answer your questions, play you some songs, and chat!  

Tyler Ward Music Board of Directors:
$10/video – THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. You heard me right. You will be the tangible difference shaping the future of the music business. By donating $10 a month, you will be in constant connection with me in helping me pick the appropriate artist to not only impact the social media community but also help me find the music industry’s «next big thing.» Imagine you were a part of discovering the next Justin Beiber. You can turn to your friend and say, I was a part of his career before he was even huge! You will help me select covers. You will help me decide on everything TYLER WARD (photos, merch, etc…)! And, you will get credit for doing so on my website (updated every quarter)! You can tell yourself that you’ve joined the Tyler Ward Management Team! Plus, all the other rewards from the other levels!

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