Problem – Ariana Grande (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) – Iggy Azalea – One Less Problem Music Video

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I’ve been on tour now for the last month (you MUST come to a show) and have been having so much fun learning about the art of mobile recording! I’m discovering all the great and unique places outside of the studio that you can capture «Studio quality». I hope you like this video/song as much as I enjoyed putting it together! All of this audio was recorded on the road. vocals/guitars: bus, green room, hotel room, backstage, production offices, Alex G’s apartment, shows, etc..

This song was mixed on my laptop and on iphone headphones.

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Thanks to Caroline and Jennxpenn for the vocal help!!!

Caroline -Twitter: @TKQmusic

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A HUGE thanks to Kyle Blaine for recording the lead part @ the beginning! SO SICK
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