Tyler Ward – Without You (ft. Alyson Stoner) – Original Song – Acoustic Simple Sessions

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I hope you enjoy this original song. For me, this song is about doing life BIG TIME but having no one to share it with. Makes me a little sad. Sharing moments with the people we love is an insane gift! You can’t play ping pong alone you know?

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I wrote this song w/ a few of my good buddies: Brock Berryhill, Grant Vogelfanger & Witt Mckay

I could take a trip around the world see everything
Sit down have a drink with the kings and queens
See my name in lights, parties every night, highest of the high
I could take a trip around the world see everything

Without you without you
It wouldn’t be worth it
Without you Without you
It would mean nothing
I could hear my song playing loud on the radio
But if you’re not singing along this is how it’d go
Without you Without you
it wouldn’t be worth it

Face on the cover of Time magazine
I’m boardwalk baby like the game of monopoly
One man show, always on a roll, as high as high goes
just my luck, but luck’s not what I need

without you, without you
this would be nothing
found you found you
you’re really something
Huge THANKS to my roommate Eppic (http://www.youtube.com/EppicTV) for helping film!
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recorded/produced/mixed by Tyler Ward
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