The Hanging Tree (Original Hunger Games Remix) – Tyler Ward & Alyson Stoner – Official Music Video

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Alyson & I went to the Hunger Games and fell in love with the «the Hanging Tree» – Instead of a simple cover, we decided to write around the chorus…We wrote new verses, pre-chorus and post hook. It was a lot of fun to tackle this project and I’m super thankful to have worked with some amazing people on this project!
Huge thanks to Joey Barba for his brilliant help on the production of this Track!
High five to Randi (Twitter & Instagram: @rascalrandi) for being our mysterious dancer :)
A big thanks to Andrew Golibersuch for helping edit this video!
Massive THANKS to my roommate Eppic ( for helping film!
A GREAT BIG BEAR HUG TO ALL MY PATREON SUPPORTERS! You guys make these videos possible!
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Instagram: @TylerWardMusic
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Production/Mix: Joey Barba
Vocal Production: Tyler Ward
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