2:30 (A Story About Taking Risks) || Tyler Ward || Spoken Word

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Find out what makes you come alive and do that.

«If I wake up at 80, will I have regrets? Am I doing everything I’m supposed to be doing?» After several discussions, one of my friends took the active approach and against all the voices telling him, «you can’t and you’re literally crazy»…he did it, he couldn’t help it. He quit his teaching job of 8 years and moved to LA to pursue his art. WOW. Think about that for a second, he was a teacher for EIGHT YEARS before he made the move. I tip my hat to you Mr. Paul Rivet. You’re an inspiration to us all. Thank you for taking a risk. The other guy, a dear friend, a little more cautious, a little more concerned with the “what if,” continuously feels stuck in his well paying job. He’s talks about the freedom in pursuing a passion, but for some reason, he’s continuously stuck. My heart breaks for him.

I’m often approached by people wondering if quitting their job or leaving school to pursue a passion is something they should do. Let’s just say I wasn’t aware of my purpose until I started listening to the voice that said, “Just keep playing, the opportunities will come.” So, my answer is most often the unpopular one with parents, “yes, stop doing the things numb you. Find out what makes you come alive and do that for a living.” I always thought music was going to be “just a hobby” – seriously. It was terrifying to make that commitment. But it’s been worth it. SOOOOOOO worth it. Take a chance, my friend. Money is overrated.

P.S. this video was shot at Red Rocks Amphitheater.


2:30 am
In two separate estates
Two thirty year olds
Unexpectedly wake

One Similar dream
Two separate reactions
One of them hides
The other takes action

Both dreaming in red
The color of passion
Both rationalize
But only of them laughing

One on the left
And one on the right
Both of them looking
For answers tonight…

If I wake up at 80
With a weakening breath
Will I have said, “maybe?”
Will I have my regrets?

When both hands are shaking
And I’m losing my sight
Will I’ve had the courage
To have done what is right?

Two men
Same dream
One at peace and one screams
One seeing in love
And the other in greed

Only one of them listened
The other did not
Now one is left wishing
For the other man’s shot

One stayed to make money
And that’s all he got
Yeah he piled it high
Saved quite a lot

The other moved to the city
Was sick of the talk
Went out to live life
Really gave it a shot

But his name they soon forgot

From the outside it looks like the safe way wins out
But a handful of cash never payed off his doubts
A life full of stories vs the “what ifs?”
It’s like living vs jumping right off of a cliff

We should all take a look
Before our vision is blurry
There’s a lot we can learn
From dreams of 2:30






A huge shout out to Jackie G for helping me film this bad boy! (http://www.youtube.com/jackiegtv)

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